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Prenatal Education for your unique needs taught by
experienced registered nurses.

Introducing a new baby into the world is so amazing and exciting! Each parent brings their own unique level of knowledge and experience to this new chapter of their lives. Whether you are planning a birth at home or in hospital, vaginally or by caesarean, medicated or un-medicated, Samara Birth Services offers prenatal education for your specific needs.

We provide comprehensive prenatal classes that take place in a comfortable, relaxed environment, where learning can be fun and unhurried. The information discussed in our classes is based on current research in maternal health and obstetrics. Our facilitators are experienced Registered Nurses who are also certified childbirth educators. For a complete list of topics covered in our classes check out our “What’s in a class?” page.

We offer private and group classes. Please see our classes page for more information about our various classes.