Celebrating World Breastfeeding Week! October 1-7, 2011

Breast milk is the best possible nutrition for your baby, it not only holds enormous health and psychosocial benefits for your child but for mothers as well! World breastfeeding week helps bring awareness of the importance of breastfeeding as an international health imperative!

The theme for this year is “Talk to me: Breastfeeding a 3D Experience!” We often think of breastfeeding in a 2 dimensional context of time and place but really it also encompasses a third dimension of Communication. When we speak of communication we mean the kind that crosses barriers of gender, generation, sector, and culture. This kind of communication really means talking about breastfeeding to ALL people, at ANY time, and in ANY relevant context. This kind of communication will reach the most people and really make a difference about sharing our knowledge and experience about breastfeeding.

At work I put together a collaborative wall collage about this years theme to help celebrate world breastfeeding week. I asked co-workers, patients and families to contribute by writing their comments about breastfeeding and I thought I would share a few of my favourites:

- “Human milk for human babies (formula is made from cow’s milk)”

- “There is never a recall on breast milk”

- “prevents breast and ovarian cancer in moms”

- “Less asthma”

- “helps mom get back in shape after birth”

- “Soothing for baby”

- “It is hard at first but then TOTALLY worth it!!!”

Check out these great sites promoting breastfeeding here in BC and around the world and think about how you can spread the word about breastfeeding in that third dimension.

Happy Breastfeeding week!







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