Do I Really Need Prenatal Classes?

I teach prenatal classes so of course you are going to hear yes from me, but I would like to share why I think this.

Shortly after I started working in labour and delivery I noticed that there was a great need for education. As a labour and delivery nurse I am with a woman during one of the most personal and intimate moments of her life. I really pride myself in helping to make this experience a really great one. But what I have seen over the years is that in general most women do not come to their birth prepared for what is to come and this can make them scared, hinders their coping ability and severely affects their birth experience in general.

To start I would like to make the point that your body knows what to do, so whether you attend childbirth classes or not you will labour and birth your baby. This is not what classes do for you. We do not teach you how to labour or birth your baby because your body knows quite well how to do that on its own. What I hope people walk away with after prenatal classes is what to expect of the process of birth (what is normal, what is not, an idea of what labour will look like), how to avoid unnecessary interventions, how to go with the flow and trust your body and instincts, and of course some tricks and tools to make labour more manageable. It is this kind of insight that can decrease fear, help with coping, and improve birth satisfaction.

Lastly, I think that good prenatal classes can help bring people down to reality. Often people only get information from the media; which can include a lot of fear tactics for comic relief. Other unreliable sources include US websites and media which depict a very different healthcare system than ours and put fear in women about how they will be demeaned and manhandled by having a hospital birth. Prenatal classes provide up to date, relevant information specific to your country and or birth area if not specifics about where you will be delivering. Classes give you an opportunity to ask questions and confirm or disprove things that you have heard or read.

In the end, classes are not mandatory nor are they a pre-requisite to birth. They are simply a tool to help you be best prepared for the amazing challenge ahead of you. Our role as educators is to prepare you; to help you learn how to work with your body. We want to see you succeed and will do our best to give you the best chance possible. Whether you take my classes or someone else’s, I guarantee your experience will be improved by having had them.


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“My Bella Baby” Shower and Showcase

We’re really excited to be attending the “My Bella Baby” Shower and Showcase on April 17, 2012 from 7-9pm at the Poco Inn and Suites in Port Coquitlam. We will be there to feature our services as a local business offering prenatal classes for expectant parents and we will be giving away a FREE Private prenatal class to one lucky participant! For more information visit the event website at Registration begins at 6pm. Finger foods and snacks will be provided. Hope to see you there!

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Celebrating World Breastfeeding Week! October 1-7, 2011

Breast milk is the best possible nutrition for your baby, it not only holds enormous health and psychosocial benefits for your child but for mothers as well! World breastfeeding week helps bring awareness of the importance of breastfeeding as an international health imperative!

The theme for this year is “Talk to me: Breastfeeding a 3D Experience!” We often think of breastfeeding in a 2 dimensional context of time and place but really it also encompasses a third dimension of Communication. When we speak of communication we mean the kind that crosses barriers of gender, generation, sector, and culture. This kind of communication really means talking about breastfeeding to ALL people, at ANY time, and in ANY relevant context. This kind of communication will reach the most people and really make a difference about sharing our knowledge and experience about breastfeeding.

At work I put together a collaborative wall collage about this years theme to help celebrate world breastfeeding week. I asked co-workers, patients and families to contribute by writing their comments about breastfeeding and I thought I would share a few of my favourites:

- “Human milk for human babies (formula is made from cow’s milk)”

- “There is never a recall on breast milk”

- “prevents breast and ovarian cancer in moms”

- “Less asthma”

- “helps mom get back in shape after birth”

- “Soothing for baby”

- “It is hard at first but then TOTALLY worth it!!!”

Check out these great sites promoting breastfeeding here in BC and around the world and think about how you can spread the word about breastfeeding in that third dimension.

Happy Breastfeeding week!


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Positive Birth Story – Jessica Dyck

My labour with Paul began in my sleep.  I was awoken at 4am with mild, irregular contractions.  I was just one day past my due date but very ready to meet this baby.   Paul is my third baby and I wasn’t sure what to expect as far as my labour was concerned because my other two labours had been so different from one another.  My first labour had been long and hard as my daughter was “sunnyside up” or posterior.   My second labour had been very fast with us just barely making it to hospital before my son was born.  I had used almost every medication available to a labouring woman, including having an epidural, for my daughter and no medications with my son.  I decided ahead of time that I did not want to use any medications this time around again as I had found my recovery as well as my son’s was much easier and quicker with no medications in our system.

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Positive Birth Story – Amanda Kelloway

This is the first of many birth stories, I hope…This is how my first born came into the world.

 Murphy’s law, of course; the night I stay up late because we have company my water breaks at 3:40am.  It woke me from my sleep and I actually jumped out of bed in fear of ruining my mattress. When I went to the bathroom to clean myself up I was happy to notice the fluid was clear. I didn’t panic (this is where being an L&D nurse came in handy). I actually smiled and whispered to myself “Well here we go. I guess we’re going to have a baby today!”

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Positive Birth Stories

Welcome to Samara Birth!

   We’re looking to do a series on Positive Birth Stories to help ease the fears of expecting mothers. Birth is such an amazing and emotional experience, but far too often it is only the complications and “horror stories” that seem to be shared out loud. Why is it taboo to share an experience that didn’t involve complications or turmoil in one way or another? Even labours that have major complications can be beautiful and inspirational.

   So let’s share those stories! Inspire women and give them the confidence to know that childbirth is natural, normal, and beautiful, and it’s what we were designed to do. Let’s share those stories ladies!

   Email us your story at

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